The Seneca website contains cookies. A cookie is a small digital file that the web browser creates or adjusts on the hard drive of your computer during the visit to the website. Cookies are not harmful and are used by many websites. For example to save your preferences or to collect statistical information.


Cookies come in four categories. The cookies used on the Seneca website are listed below by category:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies
    Cookies that are set by the web server and the CMS Smartsite, for example to log into the customer portal. Keeping first-party statistics with the statistics module of our CMS also is included in this category.

  • Functional cookies
    These are used for your convenience on the website, for example for the desired font size.

  • Performance cookies
    Performance cookies provide information about the use of the site. does not use performance cookies.

  • Online advertising cookies
    You will not find online advertising cookies on These types of cookies are usually used for targeted advertising, but Seneca does not use them.

Sfeerafbeelding van koekjes

Wij maken gebruik van Cookies op onze site.

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