Forms server expands further in release 37

We proudly present the latest version of the Forms Server: R37. The logical follow-up to the recent rollout of R36 with new and modified functionality for more control and ease of use. Last week, R37 was rolled out in one go for all Forms Server SaaS users.

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All users of the Forms Server SaaS immediately benefit from the improved functionality. For example, new standard form elements (controls) have been added and some existing form elements have been improved. An overview of the new functionality is included in the releasenotes van de Formulierenserver R37 (PDF).

Highlighted: extra ease of use

Since release 37, creating online forms has been even easier. You can easily add pages with the press of the + button and maintenance pages can now be set centrally for all your online forms.

In the spotlight: maps with Google Maps and Leaflet

The Forms Server already offered the option to use Google Maps for displaying and selecting GEO data. Partly because the use of Google Maps is not always free anymore, an alternative control for showing and selecting GEO data has been added: Leaflet. The source for this data is based on open source libraries. The properties that you can set for the new Leaflet GEO location control are identical to the properties that can also be set with the Google Maps GEO control. You can read all about it the releasenotes (PDF).

Curious what the Forms Server can do for you? Then don't hesitate to contact us!

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Datum: 4/7/2020

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