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With Seneca's Forms Server you can create clear forms that the user understands and supports when filling in. Even if these forms are originally complex and contain, for example, dependencies, calculations or a prefill. In recent weeks, Seneca has provided the Forms Server SaaS with a major upgrade (release 36). The new functionality brings more control for the administrator and extra convenience for the user.

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Version management with acceptance and production environment

As of release 36, you as an administrator benefit from version management on almost all components of an online form. This way, you can work on a form, product, page or table from the acceptance environment, without changing the live version of the form. Only when you are completely satisfied with the result do you publish a new version to the production environment. Would you rather go back to an earlier version of the form? No problem, all versions are saved so that you can easily retrieve an older version and publish it again.

Extra control, better user experience

In addition to the addition of version control for online forms, the Forms Server now also uses groups. By creating additional groups, the creator / administrator of a form or product can indicate which group of people can edit and publish the form or product. An advanced product overview provides additional information about the products from release 36. For example, in the list view you can see which products are linked to an authentication method (for example DigiD or eHerkenning), payment method, signing service, groups, prefill and product links.

Until recently, the user of a form was helped with a short hint. This hint became visible when the mouse was held over the field. From release 36, the hint text is used as a placeholder by default. The hint text is therefore displayed in a gray font in the input field and can be overwritten. This makes the hint immediately visible to the user.

Release notes

An overview of the new functionality is included in the release notes of the Forms Server R36.

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Datum: 3/10/2020

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