Seneca signs letter of intent IPV6

There is an increasing need for unique internet addresses. Logically, society is digitizing and the "Internet of Things" is on the rise. It is therefore not surprising that the traditionally available IPv4 internet addresses are slowly becoming exhausted. Therefore, a new future-proof protocol for internet addresses has been introduced worldwide, IPv6. Logius, the Standardization Forum and VNG Realisatie have taken the initiative to accelerate the implementation of IPv6 at the Dutch government institutions.

Ondertekenaars intentieverklaring IPv6

Stay online with IPv6

A possible future shortage of IP addresses will have consequences for the external accessibility of governments, which could lead to a shortage of services. In order to be able to permanently guarantee their services, it is important that all governments switch to IPv6 for both websites and e-mail. The timely implementation of IPv6 ensures that governments remain accessible online in the future and that they themselves have access to websites that work with IPv6.

Letter of intent

Logius, the Standardization Forum and VNG Realisatie have therefore taken the initiative to accelerate the implementation of IPv6. The focus is initially on external accessibility. An IPv6 declaration of intent has been drawn up and signed with suppliers, service providers and other government organizations. The joint ambition is to make it possible for all government organizations to be reachable via IPv6 by the end of 2021.

More than 80% government customers Seneca on IPv6

Seneca can count many government customers such as municipalities, environmental services and provinces among its clientele and therefore wholeheartedly supports the IPv6 initiative. The implementation of IPv6 is an interplay between the supplier and the government agency. IPv6 has already been implemented at over 80% of Seneca's government customers. The expectation is that the other government institutions will soon follow and also take the future-proof IPv6 path.

On November 6, 2019, Seneca signed the letter of intent from Logius, the Standardization Forum and VNG Realization.

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Datum: 11/14/2019

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