Map the complete journey of your visitors

Analyze your site and discover all trends, click paths and search terms. The information collected is anonymous, cannot be traced back to an individual person and is not shared with third parties. That's fair, safe and GDPR compliant.

Powerful tools to map the complete journey of visitors in an orderly manner.

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The power of SmartAnalytics

Your website, intranet or knowledge base has been carefully developed to optimally meet the wishes and needs of the users. But how does this work out in practice? What are the trends, click paths and search terms?

You will quickly find out with Seneca's analytical tool: SmartAnalytics.

Personal dashboards

You start with a dashboard that provides insight into relevant overviews, such as your real-time visitors and the most recent visits. You can adjust this dashboard to your liking and you can add new dashboards!

Place and move (drag & drop) your overviews (widgets) that are valuable to you on a dashboard.

Numerous widgets are available. View live previews of chosen widgets and add them to your dashboard.

Example widgets

Visitor profiles

SmartAnalytics builds an anonymous profile of each visitor. A report is made of each (recurring) visit of the actions taken by the individual visitor on the site (visitor paths). These reports provide a unique picture of the choices visitors make during a visit to your site!

Campaign tracking

With SmartAnalytics you can easily create a Campaign Tracking URL. A unique link with information about your campaign and the medium where you use the link. That way you measure the success of each campaign. You immediately see which campaign and which medium (for example website, newsletter or social media) leads the most traffic to your page.


When is your site successful?

If a visitor stays on your site for longer than 30 seconds? When your visitor reaches a certain page? Download a document? Or if your visitor fills in a (contact) form?

You can define the answer to that question yourself and record it in objectives. You can see exactly when and how often your goals have been achieved.

Follow the individual visitor paths and experience how visitors reached that goal. Handy for visualizing the customer journey and optimizing your site where necessary!

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"Information is not shared with third parties:
you are -and remain- the owner of all data."

Analytics without cookie wall

With SmartAnalytics you measure the success of your site in a safe way. The software and statistics are hosted by Seneca on its own server in the Netherlands. All visitor information is anonymized and cannot be traced back to an individual person.

Information is also not shared with third parties: you are and remain the owner of all data. Fair, safe and GDPR compliant. To use SmartAnalytics, you do not have to bother visitors with banners in which you ask for permission to place cookies.

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