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The power of Enterprise Search

With Enterprise Search you can search different sources in one search. That is why you will find the information you are looking for super fast.

As an example, we have taken the search for the Passport page on a municipal website as a starting point. That is recognizable for everyone. Of course we adapt Enterprise Search to your information sources and target groups.

Autosuggest and Autocomplete

Enterprise Search supports you in searching for the right terms. While typing, you will see the most important search results in a
clear drop-down menu.

One click on the search result will immediately take you to the correct page.

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Did you mean...

If typing a word does not produce any results (for example due to a typing error), the did you mean... options will be displayed and the corresponding search results.

Even when typing a keyword incorrectly, the user can click directly through to the searched page.

Clear presentation

For example, you can search the website, the job site and an external subsite at the same time with one search query. After actively starting the search, a new page opens.

The search results are presented per source. In your own design. In brackets you immediately see the number of results found per source.

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You have to see Enterprise Search!

Get to know the extensive possibilities of Enterprise Search for your Website or Social Intranet. Request a demonstration without obligation!

We discuss your communication plan, give you insight into the Enterpise Search functions and provide you with suitable advice without obligation.


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