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Optimal controle of the right answer

Centrally stored knowledge can be found quickly and managed better. All answers you give by e-mail, on social media and on the telephone are uniform and up-to-date.

All entered knowledge is linked in a smart way. A sea of information that remains clear and accessible. With the Seneca knowledge base you have optimal control over the right answer.

Always up-to-date

By publishing knowledge in the knowledge base, back-office employees quickly receive fewer (repetitive) questions from the front-office. Front-office employees are proactively alerted to the presence of new and / or changed information.

Do Front-office employees notice that information is incorrect, incomplete or outdated? Then they can also submit a request for new or updated content. For example, the entire organization works together to work on up-to-date answers and optimal customer contact.

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 Expiration date

To ensure that content is and remains current, the knowledge owner sets an expiration date. The knowledge owner reassesses his knowledge on the expiration date and changes or removes the knowledge as necessary.

Decision Tree

The Knowledge Base is equipped with a decision tree. On the phone, it immediately becomes clear who is responsible for complex issues.

For example, a damage report is received. Who pays for the repair costs? The knowledge base guides the employee through the process. Have you made any changes yourself? Has a service subscription been taken out? The use of the decision tree provides clarity for the customer and the employee.

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Host where you want

Seneca offers a professional and secure solution for hosting your knowledge base. We take all responsibility for availability and technical management.

Would you rather have an optimal grip on your knowledge, information and ICT infrastructure? Choose the stand-alone version: On Premise, or in the Azure cloud.

You must see the Knowledge Base!

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We discuss your communication plan, give you insight into the Knowledge Base functions and provide you with appropriate advice without obligation.

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