Knowledge Base Features

The best features for managing and registering knowledge and information

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Uniform answers

Uniform answers to every question thanks to central knowledge storage.

Less transfers

Handle more than 80% of the questions in the first contact.

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Decision tree

Make the right choices quickly in a decision-making process.

Icoon multi-site

Multi site

Manage multiple Knowledge bases in one: own content and secure access.

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Enterprise Search

Search the knowledge base and external sources in one go.

Icoon versiebeheer

Version control

Compare versions of your knowledge and republish an old version.

Icoon workflow


Collaborate on knowledge maps. Divide tasks, rights and roles.

Icoon Tweestapsverificatie

Two-step verification

Log in with username, password and one-time code.

Icoon SaaS en Stand alone

SaaS & Stand alone

Complete unburdening in SaaS or host yourself: on premise or in Azure.

Icoon SaaS en Stand alone

Add knowledge

Report missing information and pass on your knowledge.

Icoon SaaS en Stand alone

Report changes

Contact the knowledge owner if knowledge is no longer up to date.

Icoon notificatie


Receive a notification when knowledge changes.

Icoon SaaS en Stand alone

Appreciate knowledge

Express your appreciation! Like knowledge that helped you a lot.

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