Host your websites and web applications professionally and securely.

We provide professional and secure hosting solutions. Do you prefer optimal control over your information and ICT infrastructure? Choose a stand-alone version of our products: On premise, or in the Azure cloud.

Online software:
Hosted, SaaS or On premise

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SaaS & private cloud

With our SaaS applications and private cloud you benefit from the optimal care and security of your information.

Using the up-to-date software is crucial for the security and availability of your environment. With advanced monitoring tools, proactive intervention and an active patch policy of Smartsite, the Forms Server and Microsoft, we guarantee a high degree of security and availability of your web environment.

Secure and available

Our applications are hosted in a well-secured Dutch data center. Access is regulated and the data center is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. All software is behind software and hardware firewalls. This way we take good care of your information.

Do we also host sensitive information? Then we would like to conclude a processor agreement with your organization so that you can comply with the GDPR.

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Stand alone

Do you want optimal control over your information and ICT Infrastructure? Then choose the stand alone versions of our software. Place them in your own data center or in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Seneca has more than 20 years of hosting experience. We are happy to help you with the installation and remote management of the software.

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