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A leading insurance company from the Netherlands develops all its online forms in Seneca's Forms Server. By seamlessly integrating the forms into the Sitecore-based websites, the insurer can optimally serve its site visitors. The solution will replace all existing customization for simple and complex forms.


Standard solution for simple and complex forms

Online forms can no longer be ignored in the interaction on a website. Asking relevant questions is easy with the use of an online form. Numerous forms are used on the portals of the affiliated insurer. Simple fill-in forms to more complex forms that include several steps, retrieve data, pre-fill and are automatically processed in a back office system after sending.

Over time, the insurer has developed a great deal of customization in various systems. Systems that fall short in handling the more complex forms. After a search for the ideal forms solution, the insurer came to Seneca: the processing of multiple business cases with complex forms has passed the test with flying colors in a test setup (Proof of Concept).

Integration forms in Sitecore CMS on Microsoft Azure

The insurer purchases the Forms Server on premise and installs it in Microsoft Azure. Because form definitions created in the Forms Server are equipped with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), the insurer can compile the most complex forms and offer them online.

Content managers who manage the websites of the affiliated insurers do not have to worry about the technology. They work with the Sitecore CMS (also in Microsoft Azure) and select the desired form based on the correct insurer and the desired form version.

The first forms are expected to be brought online in the second quarter of 2019.

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