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In 2020, the Noordwijkse Woningstichting, Vooruitgang and Stek continued to become the Stek Housing Foundation. Stek has renewed the website together with Seneca. Because a new merger organization naturally requires a new website. A website that not only matches the new corporate identity, but also the information and interaction needs of tenants. Together with Liesbeth Gort, communications advisor at Stek, we look back and look forward to the (further) development of Stek-wonen.nl!

Sfeerbeeld Website Stek

The website as a starting point for interaction

A website is the digital business card of your organization. It was therefore logical that the merger of the housing corporations would lead to a new website in the house style of Stek. That was also the time to look at the purpose of the website and how it can help tenants to bring and retrieve information. Liesbeth Gort explains: “The website is often the starting point for interaction, because tenants go to our MyStek portal via the website or ask a question via a form. We want a customized experience "at the front" for our tenants and efficient standard processes "at the back" for our employees".

The old website could be compared to an e-brochure, which mainly existed next to all other information. “The new website is now the primary source,” explains Liesbeth. “We have a 'digital unless' policy based on communication. This means that we start from digital resources and solutions unless there are good arguments for developing offline business as well. So we do not start from a printed brochure, but from a web page with possibly a download that you can print yourself. That way you always have the most recent information."

Integration of website, knowledge base and digital portal

Stek has realized the new website together with Seneca, partner of Aareon, the supplier of the My Stek portal. In addition to the website, Seneca also supplies the knowledge base at Stek. The website, the knowledge base and Mijn Stek are therefore integrated, so that up-to-date knowledge and information is available to everyone at any time.

For example, the website provides tenants with answers to many questions, thanks to the link with the knowledge base. In addition, employees from all levels of Stek use the knowledge base, so that they always have access to the same up-to-date information and share it. All frequently asked questions are published on the website from the Knowledge Base.

Tenants start workflows from the My Stek portal and personal information is accessed via My Stek, says Liesbeth: “In many cases, the website is the starting point. Tenants often start in the public domain of the website and as soon as they have personal questions or concerns, they are directed to the portal. "

The challenge is to make the transition from public domain to our own environment as smooth as possible: “Our target group is not always digitally skilled. Friendly and adaptive systems such as those of Seneca and Aareon help with the adoption of digital workflows. ”

Satisfied with the first result

Liesbeth looks back with satisfaction on the intensive collaboration that was needed to realize the website in a short time. “Building the website was a huge challenge in time. A lot of hard work was done in that pressure cooker and it was a matter of continuously separating main and side issues: what is critical for 1 July 2020 (the merger date) and what could happen afterwards? We played that game together to meet the deadline. ”

The first result is a website that Stek is happy with, but Stek also likes to look ahead and further develop the vision "customized experience at the front with standard processes at the back" together with Seneca and Aareon.

"The construction of the website was an enormous challenge in the past. We worked very hard and under pressure"

Optimizing the online services

In the near future, Stek mainly wants to further improve the accessibility of online services: “Think of automatically filled forms, opening up the knowledge base in the customer portal and optimizing the workflow so that customers receive answers or are helped more quickly. Outside and inside are getting closer and closer together. ”

The first steps are the introduction of smart online forms and an upgrade of the search function of both the website and the knowledge base to Enterprise Search. While typing the search query, the most important search results will soon be displayed in a clear drop-down menu. One click on the search result will immediately take you to the correct page.

Visit stek-wonen.nl and follow the developments closely!

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